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Sergei Tolstikhin and Julia Mazur are people, as they say, with an "active position in life." We visited 31 countries on bicycles, filmed several series of TV programs about tourism, developed dozens of tourist maps and more. In 2020, in the village of Goraivka, near Bakota, we bought an old clay house and embodied all our life experience and thirst for communication and acquaintances. "Traveler's House" is our favorite project, our nest, to which we invite you to visit!

What's interesting is in the "Traveler's House"

We have no new furniture from IKEA or JYSK. No professional builder repaired the estate. They did everything with their own hands, and we jokingly call the architectural style "Tyap-lyap")) But exactly what is enough here - our soul and love.  


Village lunches
Everything for the grill
Cozy rooms
Bicycle rental
Toilet museum
Hot shower

Inna Mazur

A soulful, harmonious, colorful and hospitable homestead, where you always want to return and where you do not want to go. You need to visit there at least once and see this masterpiece of art with your own eyes. And meet a very interesting person who created everything himself. 


Alexander Tokmakov

A cool place to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can rent bikes and explore the Dniester. You can sit by the fire in the yard and work. You can cook, you can order food. And a lot more is planned.


Sergey Tkachuk

This is the real authenticity of the Dniester 2 km from the Bay of Bakota. The owner, an experienced cyclist, has a lot of interesting things for you, the stories by the fire are fascinating because many interesting people come from all over Ukraine. I definitely recommend!


Tatiana Gushcha

Wonderful homestead. Hospitable hosts. Silence, peace, what else do you need for rest? Picturesque place. An observation deck is nearby. The Dniester is in the palm of your hand. You can walk to the legendary Bakota. I want to come back again and again

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